Website and App

Website and App

Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies provides restaurants website and restaurants app in a very cost efficient manner. In the modern era, it is necessary to have a website and mobile application of a restaurant. Smart-Resto makes the work easy for a restaurateur to make his own website and application. Smart-Resto provides a platform to build own website for a restaurateur and two own applications too. It is really simplified for them by keeping drag and drop options. A restaurateur can put the desired text and drag and drop the images. The facilities like map, blogs, contacts, videos, forms or products can also be added. The banners and pages can be customized using CMS ( Content Management System) feature.

Benefits of a Restaurants Website and Restaurants App

  • Cost –Effective: Restaurants website and restaurants app are most cost efficient ways of advertising. The print-media, radio, television empties pockets for promotion. Websites and applications are the easiest ways of promotion. Customer can view the restaurant site or access the restaurant application from anywhere and at any time. There is no restriction towards that.
  • Increase in Customers: Most restaurants are popular only locally. But Smart-Resto provides a platform where the websites will be not only local but national as well as international. The internet offers global community. With website, the customers from worldwide will get to know about the restaurant.
  • Access to Information: With the website and application, a restaurateur can access all the information. A restaurateur can keep control over inventory, marketing, financial management etc. through just one application. It is very easy for a restaurateur to keep track of all the transitions that are going on in the restaurant.
  • New Updates Regularly: There is a blog feature on website and application has a feature called as blogs which a restaurateur can use to write about the latest items added on the menu list. This helps in publicity of the restaurant. The blogs shared can attract customers and bring them to a restaurant for trying new food items.
  • Better Relationships: Restaurants website and restaurant app can enhance the relationship in between customer and a restaurateur. A restaurateur would be constantly in touch with the customers in some or the other way. A restaurateur can either send SMS, emails or post on social media which will keep the attention of the customers. This will help the restaurant have customer’s constant attention.
  • Credibility: Having a website and application will increase the credibility of the restaurant’s brand. Potential customers will search for the website to find information about the restaurant. Restaurants website and restaurants app are the productive tools to share the crucial information about the restaurant with potential customers. There is nothing more appealing than a good quality, user-friendly website.
  • Growth Opportunity: Internet is a perfect place to find new investors for a restaurant. Website or application gives a clear idea about origin of restaurant, what is achieved, what is yet to achieve. This attracts the investor audience as well. The scope will expand from only customer audience to investor’s audience.

In all, having a website and an application is necessary in modern era by all restaurants to create good impression and appeal the audience. Smart-Resto provides all the facilities in economically feasible manner.

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