Targeted Customer Database

Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies, a Restaurant POS System, provides targeted customer database. Targeted customer database is a place where information of the customers is placed. The word targeted is the catch. The word ‘targeted’ depicts that the database which is provided is accurate and verified. That is the information which is provided is correct. The customers’ information which verified can be a very powerful tool for a restaurant business. This will increase the reach of the restaurant. The customers which are actually interested would understand about the discounts and offers given by the restaurants. This will boost the marketing of the restaurant. The number of customers visiting the restaurants will also increase. The targeted customer database when used in efficient manner can give amazing results. This information will improve the performance of the restaurant, align products and services offered to the customers and actually bring in the profits.

How to a restaurant use targeted customer databases provided by Smart-Resto, a Restaurant POS System, efficiently?

  • Up-Gradation of the Menu: A restaurateur will understand the customer preferences. A restaurateur will get a clear idea of which is the most popular dish in the restaurant and which dish has the lowest preference. A restaurateur can edit the menu accordingly. He can keep the most popular dishes available at busy and crowded nights. These small analytics will make the changes. These changes will help a restaurateur manage the restaurant efficiently. This will grow the business.
  • Strengthening Customer Relationship: A restaurateur can collect the information about the customers like name, email address, phone number etc. A restaurateur can use this information to develop a good communication with the customers. This will increase the transparency between the customer and the restaurant. A restaurateur can send offers and discounts provided by the restaurants to the customers using this aforementioned information. This will definitely grow the business.
  • Creation of Centralized Database: Smart-Resto helps a restaurateur to create a centralized database of the customer information. It helps you to integrate the information about customers in various ways and methods. All the information would be stored on a single platform. This information can be used for long term. As this information is valid, it can give the same results whenever used. Hence using it for long term would give the same result. Also, the amount of data will increase with time. More the number of data, larger the area of the reach.
  • Better Understanding of the Customer and the Market: Target Customer Databases helps in better understanding of the customers and the market. Based on the data and preferences, a restaurateur can make the marketing plan accordingly. The marketing strategy is required to effective and efficient. The proper marketing strategy can only be formed using accurate information. Using database, only proper marketing strategies can be made. The correct market strategy will lead to good results and hence more number of customers will visit the restaurant. This will help in growing the business.
  • In conclusion, a restaurant’s database is the most valuable asset of a restaurateur. Target Customer database is much more than simple information about the customers. It is a powerful information which if identified, tracked and optimized, can help in improving performance, gives a competitive edge, align products and services to customer preferences, and brings in profits. Smart-Resto provides a verified and accurate customer database with 3000 entries as a part of managed services.

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