Restaurant story of “Olive”!

Restaurant story of “Olive”!

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Writing a restaurant story of my favorite restaurant in Pune. I have been a regular customer since last 3 years at Olive. I have seen it grow from a small café to a huge brand. This restaurant story is of how hard it was for Olive to assimilate with the changes when the owner decided to expand the restaurant. This restaurant story is about the trouble encountered while managing the inventory. This restaurant story is about lacking in online delivery and not providing the facility for online reservation. This restaurant story is about Olive having a negative reputation among the customers and its transformation into customer’s favorite. Customers stopped visiting the restaurant. Even I was one of them. Now, wondering how am I writing a restaurant story about restaurant I stopped visiting? This is where the real restaurant story begins.

What is the restaurant story behind success of Olive?

The proprietor of the restaurant Olive started researching for the solutions of the problems. While looking for solutions, he found out about Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies. Smart-Resto was not just a Restaurant POS System. It had many features like marketing strategies, social media for restaurants, online restaurant bookings, food ordering systems etc. Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta technologies was true hero of this restaurant story. After understanding so many advantages, the proprietor of Olive decided to invest in Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies. It truly changed the restaurant story of Olive.

As restaurateur started using the Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies, he got assistance in his daily work. The inventory was orderly managed for him. The raw material were accurately deducted according to its use. When the raw material’s level reached at the threshold, an alert was sent to the proprietor. Pros of Smart-Resto Inventory management system are understood in this restaurant story.

Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies aided Olive to make an internet appearance. The website was necessary to regain the lost reputation of the restaurant. Soon the new menu items were introduced on the website. The reviews were flooded, and let me highlight a point in this restaurant story, there was no single negative comment after the changes were made. Addition to the website, Smart-Resto also provided Android application. This application truly turned out to be hero of restaurant story. Online Restaurant Bookings, Online Food Ordering Systems was introduced with the assistance of the applications developed by Smart-Resto. This improved the communication in between a restaurateur and us, customers. This provided great comfort and relief to the customers. I was personally happy with it as I could order the food online, instead of visiting the restaurant every day.

This restaurant story is truly dedicated to Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies. This restaurant story tells us that managing a restaurant is not easy. If you have a restaurant and are facing issues in managing it like the one in restaurant story. Smart-Resto is a perfect solution for you. Make a right choice today, like the owner in restaurant story did.

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