Delivery and Take Away

Delivery and Take Away

Restaurant POS Software powered by Smart-Resto provides an option for delivery and take away as well. In these modern times, it is important to have a system which is dedicated strictly to delivery and take away. The delivery feature would be direct to the restaurant and won’t have any middlemen. The benefits earned by the delivery service would completely be restaurateurs’. The delivery feature can be customized according to a restaurateur’s choice. A restaurateur can choose the area of delivery or the offers he wishes to give for each delivery. The offer can be changed from area to area. This ability avails the customer to order food and get benefits of it. This will benefit a restaurateur too. As he will get more orders from the customers and this will increase the sales of a restaurant.

Benefits of having a delivery option in Restaurant POS Software

  • Saving Time:

By using the delivery system, a customer saves the time. A customer can simply order through an online delivery system. One click will let them order the variety of food they decide. It is very convenient for customers to have this option. It creates a good impression of a restaurant on the customers. This is the main benefit of having a delivery system. Customers will get appealed to try the restaurant.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

Customers prefer to order online rather than standing in long queues in a restaurant. This is very convenient for them to order in just one click. This gives them a variety of choice. And also, allows them to fit their budget while ordering. This satisfies the customer and hence, a happy customer is always good for the company.

  • No Barriers in Ordering:

In the old system of the ordering, there can be barriers as language, confusion in order taking etc. all these drawbacks are in the delivery system. The chaos in the restaurant also disturbs some customers. The Restaurant POS Software provides a barrier-free online platform. In that, just ordering through an interface is simpler and accurate.

  • Increase in Scope of Customers:

If a restaurant is situated far from a certain area then it might be a problem from customers from far away area to visit it. Hence delivery system helps in this case where a customer can easily order the food. This increases the scope of the restaurant, as the customers from far places can order the items now.

  • Increase Revenue:

The revenue of a restaurant can increase in spite of having a limited space. The number of orders can be captured on weekends. That, in turn, will increase the business of a restaurant. The smart option to increase the service is user-friendly, go to service.

In conclusion, a restaurant would be benefited by providing food delivery at customers’ doorstep. The area to deliver the food and the charges to offer can be chosen by the restaurateur at his own convenience. There are no middlemen or third parties to take the share out of money made.
Restaurant POS Software powered by Smart-Resto designed by OnlineKatta Technologies provides this magnificent feature which is very beneficial to a restaurant.

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