Managing Multiples Branches and Franchises through one Restaurant POS System

Managing Multiples Branches and Franchises through one Restaurant POS System

Restaurant POS System offered by Smart-Resto can deal with numerous establishment. Regularly a restaurateur has numerous branches in same or distinctive urban areas. All these branches need to be managed by a restaurateur which can be a debilitating occupation.

Smart- Resto makes it basic by permitting various establishment or branches on one single framework. Numerous eateries have a supervisor of that branch.

It winds up being chaotic for a restaurateur to keep record of all the branches and the administrator. Indeed, even a restaurateur has no medium of monitoring what is happening in each area of the eatery.

Eatery business is made of a few divisions like stock, showcasing and so on. All these division’s activities can be clubbed together in one application which is given by Smart-Resto, a restaurant POS system.


Advantages of utilizing Restaurant POS System for Multiple Franchises or branches.

1.Clarity for a restaurateur:

A restaurateur can’t be in different branches in the meantime. Thus he circulates the branches among the directors. Be that as it may, he can’t monitor every eatery is working.

The eatery POS framework offers a component with which you can monitor every one of the eateries from a single gadget.

All the stock, promoting and so forth can be kept track on because of this framework.

This conveys clarity to a restaurateur about what is going on in each branch. This is the reason it is valuable to utilize Restaurant POS System.


2.Numbers don’t lie:

While utilizing Smart Resto’s Restaurant POS System, restaurateur gets the reasonable thought regarding the numbers.

They will be perfectly clear. A restaurateur can choose the benefit or loss of each and every branch.

There would be an investigation done from each angle. The data would be real time insights and henceforth choice would be dependable.


3.Marketing of all establishment:

This Restaurant POS System will be able to post via web-based networking media of the considerable number of eateries.

In only a single tick, all the web-based social networking webpage will get refreshed.

With this, likewise the SMS and the email will be sent all the while. This makes the work simple for a restaurateur.

4.Manage numerous establishment as single endeavor:

This Restaurant POS System permits to deal with every one of the establishments as a solitary venture. Numerous POS frameworks make it obligatory for the clients to purchase diverse POS for each establishment.

Yet, Smart-Resto, a unique restaurant POS system gives it in just one single output. There is a choice to include the branch points of interest and application.

Taking everything into account, the Restaurant POS System is basic for the eatery in each perspective. Smart-Resto, it assists in handling all the operations in one system.

Indeed, even reservation of the table for all the branches is made accessible in Smart-Resto’s system.

To put it plainly, the stage offered by Smart-Resto, a restaurant POS system is “Just for ONE, ONE FOR ALL”


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    Definitely very easy to manage
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