Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has become one of the most important licenses out of all the licenses that are required for restaurant management.

Every restaurant owner needs to get the FSSAI License for their restaurant, as FSSAI is ensuring safe and quality food by setting a standard for hygiene and safety standards in any food business

If you as a restaurant owner is not looking to get tangled in some nasty legal grievances, we suggest you get registered with FSSAI.

And if you are still not convinced as to why you need to get an FSSAI Registration, SMART RESTO is giving you a breakdown of the importance of FSSAI registration.

FSSAI Registration, Why do I need it?

  1. Don’t you want your customers to know that you provide the best quality food and has the best restaurant management in the neighborhood, FSSAI certificate ensures that your restaurant does?
  2. Customers have become self-aware that the restaurants they are going to visit have to serve the highest quality of consumable food.

FSSAI’s identity in your restaurant menus and elsewhere increases the credibility of your restaurant business and increases the customer’s confidence in your brand.


All that sounds great, but how does it help in my business?

Well, it does help in your business expansion, smooth restaurant management and keeping a steady flow and standard of your restaurant’s daily operations.

If your restaurant has met the standard specifications of FSSAI regulations in your back-end design, you will definitely be eligible to get an FSSAI certificate.

Okay! I get it. How do I sign up to get an FSSAI Registration for my restaurant?

Firstly, Visit

Check if you are eligible for Central or State License. You need to enter the address for each location separately and check for their eligibility individually.

State License: Turnover up to 20 crores.

Central License: Turnover greater than 20 crores.

Later when the page opens up, click on ‘Sign-up’ for the eligible license. Fill the sign-up form with a valid email ID or a contact number.

Put in a unique username but something you could easily remember for the registration and enter the password. Click on Register to complete the sign-up process.

When the account is activated, look for the sign-up successfully completed confirmation message through SMS and e-mail.

Since the user ID is valid for 30 days only, so make sure that you apply online within 30 days or this user ID will be disabled.

After signing in to your account, fill up the online FSSAI Registration Application Form.

At this point, keep your required documents ready.

After you are done filling out the online application, take a printout of the form before you click on ‘Submit’.

Note down the reference number that is displayed on the screen once you have applied. The reference number is required to track the progress of your application for Registration or Licensing.

Submit the filled up Online Application Form to the Authority with all supportive documents within 15 days from the date of making the online submission so that your application would be considered.

For fee structure and other costings, you can always consult a representative from FSSAI Authority.

May I ask what Documents are required for FSSAI Registration?

Here is the complete list of documents that you would need for applying for FSSAI Registration:

  • A filled up application form signed by the Restaurant Owner.
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof as mentioned in your Government Authorized documents
  • Partners and Stakeholders in the business with their identity proof
  • Valid Email ID and Contact Number
  • Food Safety Management plan (You can get these documents from the nearest Notary or download it online.)
  • Legal Proof of possession of premise/location (Sale Deed, Rent Agreement, Electricity Bill, etc.)
  • NOCs from the Region’s Municipal Corporations.
  • Kitchen Layout Plan
  • Water Testing Report from an ISI approved a facility
  • Partnership Deed/ Affidavit of Proprietorship (in case of business operated in other premises or in case of partnership firm)
  • List of Food Category
  • Types of equipment to be used.
  • Medical Certificates of Employees.

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