Restaurants apps highly beneficial than restaurants website!

Restaurants apps highly beneficial than restaurants website!

Restaurants Apps are more beneficial than restaurants website or only billing systems. Many of us had this experience when we had restaurants website but we were still unable to satisfy the customer needs. Yes, I am writing as a single voice of many restaurateurs. I am owner of a restaurant at KP in Pune. In my neighborhood, there are many restaurants and we all are competitors but friends too. While discussing once, we all found out that even when we all had restaurants website we were still unable to give optimum services to the customers. It was long time back, when we understood about the ways to increase reach of our restaurants. That time, making restaurants website was the solution presented. Hence all of us had our restaurants website made. Our websites displayed the menus and pictures of the food items. They also allowed customers to subscribe to receive our mails and offers. But the functionality was just restricted to this. Lately, we understood about features like restaurants apps and different restaurant marketing plans. With the time, changes the methods of marketing. The new methods of the marketing are social media for restaurants and the restaurants apps. Restaurants apps are necessary for the growth of the restaurants. With restaurant apps many new technologies can be inculcated in the restaurants.

We all started searching for the perfect product. Some of us found out companies who made their restaurant apps. They gave them the contract. Other people were still searching.

While searching, we found out about Smart-Resto, restaurant POS system.  Smart-Resto was much more than a restaurant POS system. Its functionalities were better than any restaurant POS system had to offer. We (me and few of my neighbors) invested in this platform. Smart-Resto offered us 2 restaurant apps. One application was the front end which customer used for ordering and another application was a back end which the customers used.

Because of the restaurant apps, we could introduce new systems like online food ordering and online restaurant table booking. Due to this, the reach of my restaurant increased and the convenience of the customers were increased.


1.Automated Inventory

With restaurant apps, we got the facility of automated inventory. A restaurateur will have to input the total amount of raw materials brought in. The amount of raw materials will automatically reduce. A restaurateur can set a threshold. When the amount of grain reaches certain level then the alert will be sent to restaurateur.

2.Marketing in One-Click

With restaurant apps, they even offered us social media marketing. Smart-Resto offers almost 12 social media platforms. And all the posts would be done in just one click. This is the most effective market strategy with very less effort from restaurateur’s side. This restaurant marketing plan can do miracles and help the restaurant make a huge brand.

I would suggest you all to go for Smart-Resto. This system changed my restaurant’s face.

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4 thoughts on “Restaurants apps highly beneficial than restaurants website!

  1. Riddhi Dabhi says:

    The features and the differentiation
    plotted in the blog seems like apps
    are more beneficial than website.
    Smart-Resto has already been the
    most user friendly app providing all
    the facilities in one platform.

  2. Gaurav Ahire says:

    It is very user friendly & I can use this POS on my mobile.

  3. Prashant Yahide says:

    App seems to be very interactive and
    user friendly . No need to take extra
    efforts for operations all comes to
    your finger tip.

  4. Chandramani says:

    This is really beneficial and a user friendly application for Restaurant Management. Easy for online ordering, table reservation and
    inventory management system. SmartResto’s team provides an excellent technical support and digital marketing for restaurant
    business. I am highly satisfied with this product.

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