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Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies, a Restaurant POS System, assists in online press release. Online press releases are submitted to specialist Press Releasing sites, delivering a valuable source of incoming links a restaurant’s website. An online press releases have a limitless life-span. Hence, they continue to work for a longer period of time giving the same benefits. An ongoing press release submission campaign ensures that it has a high visibility online presence and helps keep a restaurant’s website SEO topped up. To get the most from online PR campaign, a press releases must be submitted to relevant and authoritative PR websites. In this case, a press release regarding a restaurant must be sent to a restaurant related press release website which is verified. Smart-Resto provides a platform through which it ensures that press releases gain high levels of traffic and good quality links back to a restaurant’s website. Online Press Release is a powerful SEO tool. Search Engine Optimizing is the process of affecting the online presence and visibility of a restaurant’s website. It is necessary to have a good search engine optimization in order to gain more organic or natural customers to the restaurant. Online press release helps in optimizing the website. It assists in increasing the customers of a restaurant and in turn increase the business.

The main objective of press release is to spread the awareness about the restaurant. It is very useful tool in restaurant marketing.

How can using Smart-Resto, a Restaurant POS System, for press release be beneficial for you?

Gain Instant Visibility: Smart-Resto helps in optimized press release of the restaurant’s website. Once a press is released, it is immediately available to the journalist and news resources. The newswire are typically on the home page of the Press release site to gain the visibility. This makes the website popular and increases the awareness of the website among customers.

Reach Targeted Audience: Making a press release will help a restaurant to reach the targeted audience. As the website would be search engine optimized, the audience for the website will increase. As the audience for the website increases, more customers will start visiting the restaurant. This will increase restaurant business.

Generate Traffic: The press releases help in generating the traffic for the restaurants website. After the press release, the visibility of the restaurant’s website is increased. Hence it generates from traffic on the restaurant. Increase in traffic increases the reach of the restaurant. And hence, the business of the restaurant is increased.

Build Inbound Links: Inbound links are a crucial component of website promotion. Search engines place a high value on quality inbound links – like those that come from the online news sources. Not only can online press releases help improve the restaurants’ website rankings quickly but also offer long-term linking benefits.

In conclusion, online press release is a key element in SEO strategy. Online Press Release helps in creating awareness about a restaurant. With so many great benefits, online press releases have become a popular website promotion strategy. Smart-Resto helps in optimizing press release services can help a restaurateur achieve a website promotion goals.

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