Automated Inventory

Automated Inventory

As the demand for the restaurants is increasing, so is the supply and the importance of Restaurant POS System is increasing. Restaurants are so crowded nowadays that it is hard to keep track of all the activities that are going on. There are so many aspects to look at in a restaurant. Handling all of them becomes a tedious job. Often, a restaurateur tends to ignore the problems related to inventory which causes big havoc. What a mess it would be if one of the ingredients finishes up at the peak hour of the day! A restaurateur would face a huge loss by having so many disappointed customers. Hence, keeping an automated inventory is important. It will not only give a restaurateur accurate results but also provide alerts of ordering new stock.

Automated Inventory in Restaurant POS System

The Restaurant POS System provides a feature which will help a restaurateur manage his inventory automatically. A restaurateur will have to input the total amount of raw materials brought in. The number of raw materials will automatically reduce. A restaurateur can set a threshold. When the amount of grain reaches a certain level then the alert will be sent to restaurateur. This would be a reminder to order new stock. For example, if your restaurant sells coffee and you need coffee beans, sugar and milk as the ingredients, which you buy from different vendors so you just have to input the number of ingredients you bought from the vendor and amount of ingredient required for one coffee and then for coffee a restaurant sells that much ingredient is automatically reduced from the inventory.

This will be an advantage by a Restaurant POS Software to a restaurateur in many ways:


  • Efficient Way of Keeping Track of the Stock:

This Restaurant POS System will help a restaurateur keep track of the stock without many efforts. By simply inputting, the amount of the raw materials brought in. It will get reduced as the dishes would be prepared. The entire stock would be online and a restaurateur would be constantly in touch with it. This will keep a restaurateur in touch with inventory but the job will be really easy.

  • Reminder for Ordering New Stock:

The Restaurant POS System will remind the restaurateur to order new stock when it reaches a critical level. Hence, the restaurateur himself won’t have to remember everything. Everything will be reminded to him from time to time which will help him increase his business.

  • Maintaining the Reputation of Brand:

The Restaurant POS System will help to maintain the brand name. A restaurateur will be saved from the embarrassment by keeping the stock up to date and never going out of dishes. All the food items will always be available for the customers. This will ultimately make customers happy.

  • Reduction in Manual Work:

The Restaurant POS System will reduce the manual work to a greater extent. A restaurateur can concentrate on business growth due to less pressure in the inventory. With the reduction in manual work, manual errors will also reduce. Human errors can be a big deal when it comes to inventory. The error can be as serious as calculations or as petty as forgetting to order. The question, after all, is of the reputation of the restaurant. This Restaurant POS System will take full care of that.

  • No-Theft Policy:

This Restaurant POS System will indirectly reduce the thefts in your inventory section of restaurants. A restaurateur will have accurate results of the ordered, used and left raw materials. Hence, stealing it for anyone would be impossible.

Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies makes sure to reduce the work of a restaurateur. The problems of managing operations in a restaurant are solved efficiently to make it a huge brand and success.

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