Branches and Franchise

Branches and Franchise

Restaurant POS Software offered by Smart-Resto can handle multiple branches and franchises with no extra cost. Often a restaurateur has multiple branches in same or different cities. All these branches have to be handled by a restaurateur which can be an exhausting job. Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies makes it simple by allowing multiple franchise or branches on the same system. Multiple restaurants have a manager of that branch. It becomes hectic for a restaurateur to keep a record of all the branches and the manager. Even a restaurateur has no medium of keeping track of what is going on each section of the restaurant. The restaurant business is made of several departments like inventory, marketing etc. All these department’s operations can be clubbed together in the application which is provided by Smart-Resto. Wondering what are the benefits of this feature? Here are a few benefits.

Benefits of using Restaurant POS Software for Multiple Branches and Franchises:

  • Clarity for a Restaurateur:

A restaurateur cannot be in multiple branches at the same time. Hence, he distributes the branches among the managers. But he cannot keep track of each restaurant is working. The Restaurant POS System offers a feature with which you can keep track of all the restaurants from a single device. All the inventory, marketing etc. can be kept track on due to this system. This brings clarity to a restaurateur about what is happening in each branch. This is why it is useful to use the Restaurant POS System.

  • Numbers Don’t Lie:

While using online Restaurant POS System, get a clear idea about the numbers. No branch manager can lie or manipulate them. They will be crystal clear. A restaurateur can decide the profit or loss of every single branch. There would be analytics done in every aspect. This will make decision-making easy for a restaurateur. The information would be facts and hence decision would be reliable.

  • Marketing of all franchise:

This Restaurant POS System will let post on social media of all the restaurant’s branches and/or franchises. A restaurateur won’t have to make separate posts and copy paste the data. In just one click, all the social media site will get updated. With this, also the SMS and the email will be sent simultaneously. This makes the work easy for a restaurateur.

  • Manage Multiple Branches and/or Franchise as Single Enterprise:

This Restaurant POS System allows managing all the franchises as a single enterprise. Many POS systems make it compulsory for the customers to buy different POS for each franchise. But Smart-Resto provides it in the only platform. There is an option to add the branch details and application. Due to which even delivery option is avail for all the branches.

In conclusion, the Restaurant POS System is essential for the restaurant in every aspect. Smart-Resto makes it easy for you to handle inventory, financial management, digital marketing, online ordering, availing the special discount coupons very simple and easy to deal with. Even reservation of the table for all the branches is made available in Smart-Resto. In short, the platform offered by Smart-Resto is “ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL”!

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