Food Ordering System, a comfort cushion for Customers!

Food Ordering System, a comfort cushion for Customers!

Food ordering system makes it easy for the customer to order food of our choice. I am a loyal customer of Hotel Moon. I have been visiting it since last 4 years regularly. It is in near my office and hence my lunch is from Hotel Moon. Hotel Moon had delicious food and polite service but they did not offer online food ordering system. It was inconvenient for me at times as I could not work and eat together. But the tasty food made up for the lack of food ordering system. Soon my workload increased, and I had to do extra time during my lunch hours. Hence, I started ordering food from different restaurant and lost the connection with Hotel Moon for months. After gap of around 3 months, I visited Hotel Moon. I met the restaurateur and he asked me where I was for so many months. I told him my case lack of food ordering system. To my wonder, there were many who had left ordering from Hotel Moon due to no food ordering system. All customers had their own reason. But due to this one factor of not having food ordering system, the popularity of his restaurant had reduced. The restaurateur asked me for the advice, but me, being in IT field did not have much knowledge about food ordering system. Though, at that moment I assured him to find a solution.


While searching for the new technology in the market, I came across this revolutionary product known as “Smart-Resto”. Smart-Resto was not just a restaurant POS system but it was much more than that. It was a platform provided to the restaurateurs to manage the daily operations in a restaurant. Soon, I learnt about this product in depth. This restaurant POS system provided facilities for inventory management, online restaurant booking, website and applications for the restaurant. Not only this, it also provided food ordering system, perfect solution for the restaurateur of hotel Moon. Smart-Resto provided bonus services like reputation management, online press release, Email campaigns, financial management and many more. I compared it with all the POINT OF SALES system but couldn’t find a better deal than Smart-Resto. After office that day, I rushed to Hotel Moon and told the restaurateur about Smart-Resto. Restaurateur of Hotel Moon was also impressed with the system and happy about finally introducing food ordering system.

Soon, the restaurateur invested in the Smart-Resto. With Smart-Resto, not only the food ordering system was introduced but online restaurant system was also introduced. The digital marketing was done well, that reach of his restaurant was doubled. The food ordering system introduced would provide maximum comfort to the customers. Now, the customers from entire city could order the food. Now, Hotel Moon was well-managed and I got my food as a reward.

One simple search for food ordering system lead me to this huge treasure of system called “Smart-Resto”,

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3 thoughts on “Food Ordering System, a comfort cushion for Customers!

  1. Markand Abhyankar says:

    I am Markand Abhyankar from Kolhapur. I am using this system from last six months & it is very helpful specially it helps me with a
    raw material management. I am also very impressed with Smart-Resto’s support team they are very prompt in their services.

  2. Vishal Dwivedi says:

    I am Vishal Dwivedi from Gurgaon. I was reached out by Smart Resto’s Sales team eleven months ago, and they made me realize the
    major issue i was facing , that was , my inventory management. Ever since , i have been able to run my restaurant smoothly. Thank You
    Smart Resto for your continuous support and showing me what my restaurant is really worth.

  3. Priti Satav says:

    Amazing technical support, user friendly restaurant management software. Very easy to manage inventory and marketing needs of my

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