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Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies, a Restaurant POS System, provides restaurants a platform for email campaigns. Email marketing is the most efficient way of reaching to the customer. The marketing through emails can be very efficient. Emails play a big part in lives of customers. Each individual customers check their emails at least 3 to 4 times a day. Hence promoting a restaurant through the emails is a wise idea. Email marketing presents a great opportunity for all restaurants small or large to reach their target goals. By including email marketing for the digital marketing, business can improve their reach and visibility. This allows them to engage and convert more leads on consistent bases. E-mail marketing provides more opportunities to restaurant business and drives a better return on investment. It helps to gain more customers. The relationship with customers would be better and deeper relationships would be developed. The audience read would be wider at the fraction of cost of old media.

Why should a restaurant use Smart-Resto, a Restaurant POS System, for email marketing?

  • Targeted Marketing: Marketing using the emails is the target marketing. It is aimed at specific customers and not meant for all the customers. A restaurateur has the power to control who receives the emails and who does not. Targeting emails ensures that your audience receives content suited specifically to his/her needs. Email marketing makes it simple to customize your message for each customer, fostering a higher conversion rate.
  • Branding of a restaurant: Using email campaigns a small café can be transformed into a huge brand. The customer would be exposed to the restaurant. With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, the value of a restaurant will consistently building. A restaurant stands higher chance of turning lead customers into loyal customers. The chances of getting loyal customers increase and improve.
  • Shareable Easily: The emails are easily shareable. With a simple click on forward button, an email can be disturbed to all the subscribers. These subscribers would be lead customers which would be converted into loyal customers. All the subscribers will receive the offers and discounts at the same time. This will make job of a restaurateur easy and the results would be effective. Using Smart-Resto a data can be sent in just one click. This will help the restaurant gain more exposure and credibility.
  • Cost-Effective: The email marketing is very cost efficient. It is economically feasible and the reach is more as well. In less investment, the results are more. This is feasible for a restaurant. A restaurant can invest less and market more. And hence he will gain more reach in less investment. This can help a restaurateur invest more in growth of the restaurant and less in marketing it.

In conclusion, Smart-Resto provides a quota of emails per day for email marketing. These 100 emails would be handled by Smart-Resto. Smart-Resto helps in growing the email list and provide quality content that engages in conversion of target audience. Two-third of emails are read on smartphones or tablets, email marketing proves to be an effective tactic for helping restaurant businesses to reach and engage customers that are using their mobile device. The only way to know if a digital marketing tactic is working for a restaurant is to measure the results. That way, there is no guess-work or question about whether the tactic are working or not. Email marketing will provide guaranteed effective and efficient results.

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