How A Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Can Bring Effortless Efficiency in Your Restaurant

How A Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Can Bring Effortless Efficiency in Your Restaurant

Even with the availability automation, technology, and sophisticated software, operating a restaurant in a market like India is a complicated task.

Sometimes traditional POS software offers no help. In this modern age world, innovations in restaurant technology have been rising at a higher rate.

Cloud-based Restaurant POS System is probably the right way to improve your restaurant efficiency.

Not to worry, we are here to ensure you how a cloud-based restaurant software can take your operational efficiency to the next level, given the way the restaurant industry runs in India.

What Exactly Is A Cloud-Based Restaurant POS Software

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System has been in operation in the USA but hardly seen around India, it basically runs on cloud technology.

The cloud-based system can be accessed from any device, in any corner of the world through your unique login credentials. 

All the information stored in the Restaurant POS system is saved in the Cloud making the process of using the information hardware and location independent.

The initial Restaurant POS System that was just a billing system has now evolved to become a complete restaurant management system providing enhanced features such as Stock and Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Detailed Reporting and Analytics, Marketing and more.

With the people getting more used to user-friendly gadgets and technology, restaurant owners can gain maximum benefits from installing cloud-based restaurant POS software.

Providing Automatic operation on various fronts of a Cloud-based Restaurant POS software, it reduces manual labor and improves table turnover rate, adding to customer satisfaction that at the end of the day brings overall ease in performing various front-end and back-end operations.

1.Automatic KOT and Invoice:

Billing is one of the most basic features of any Restaurant POS system, so you may wonder how a cloud-based POS software can generate bills differently.

It does a lot more with billing which makes the entire system centralize different operations and smoothens the billing process as a whole.

A cloud-based POS system can generate bills as the items are being ordered. Once the customer is done dining, the software will automatically generate the bill since it is already synchronized with tablet ordering feature.

This makes the billing process faster and free of many errors.

As soon as the order is placed into the POS, the order is instantly printed on the Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) which includes the entire order details.

The kitchen staff no longer needs to wait for the KOT to be delivered manually to start preparing the order, thus reducing any food preparation delays.

The POS software also generates detailed reports of the bills created and the discounts given once you input the coupon code into the coupon tab.

You will receive comprehensive reports of every order placed and item wise reports within the order as well.

This will control on counter thefts and also give you access to information necessary for sales forecasting and menu optimization.

2.App or Tablet Ordering:

As mentioned earlier, we are living in a modern age world where people are becoming gadget friendly.

Since a cloud-based POS is hardware independent and works in a virtual space,  A Tablet Ordering System is a direct table to kitchen ordering system that allows your servers to take an order and send it directly to the kitchen through your POS software

The order will get updated in your POS system automatically and simultaneously without any special requests and customizations being lost in the process.

Now your staff does not need to run in circles, and the entire process of taking an order will become so efficient that it impacts restaurant profitability, customer satisfaction, and even your employee turnover rate.


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3.Inventory Management:

Inventory management is the backbone of any restaurant. You never stop managing your inventory, it is an ongoing process tracked on a daily order to order basis.

It uses up time and manual resources and even after all that, discrepancies in stock can occur, internal thefts are possible, and accounting errors with inventory numbers are always expected.

Here is where a cloud-based restaurant POS System comes in.

It automates the process of tracking inventory based on the opening numbers fed to the POS software helping you track your inventory in real-time.

Since the Restaurant POS System knows the opening numbers of each ingredient in stock, it automatically tracks these numbers based on the orders being fed to it on a daily basis.

Hence, you can track your stock levels in real time.

The food space in India is growing rapidly and extensively. Competition is on an all-time high, customers are demanding more, profits are thin, but when it comes down to the restaurant business, efficiency can be achieved in restaurant operations.

This effortless efficiency will not only bring you a greater amount of profits but also optimize the way you run your restaurant.

Don’t wait too long, upgrade your restaurant POS software to Smart Resto and see how far technology can take you. 


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