A Complete Guide To Know Everything When Purchasing A Restaurant POS System.

A Complete Guide To Know Everything When Purchasing A Restaurant POS System.

Reached a point where you have to invest in a Point of Sale (POS) system for your restaurant?

Congratulations! You have come to the right spot, whether you are the owner, a manager or any other staff of a restaurant, a fully functioning Restaurant POS system is essential to run a restaurant smoothly.

Choosing the right Restaurant POS System is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your restaurant that will actually help you in ease of operation, but with so many service providers out there in today’s market, which one do you choose?

Here are 4 main questions you must ask before investing in the right Restaurant POS System for your restaurant.

1. What functions do I really require the most?

Gone are those days when Restaurant POS systems used to be just a cash register that helped in transactions.

Due to the forward moving world and high demand for innovative technology, Restaurant POS system offers a large number of features and functions.

Before you end up investing in a vast featured Restaurant POS System stop for a minute and ask yourself:

  • What functions would really help me keep my daily activities on the go?
  • Which functionality would actually help me grow and sustain my business?

Figure out your requirements, and pick a Restaurant POS System that goes with your current and future needs.

2.this Restaurant POS system actually tailored as per my industry?

Always make it certain that you invest in a system that was designed specifically for your industry.

Ask yourself, does the system enables me to handle key functions on a daily basis such as

managing my inventory,

marketing my restaurant through the system,

managing multiple branches through one Restaurant POS System,

online ordering,

sending the orders straight to the kitchen,

online table reservations,

dine-in table management


3. Is it User-Friendly, Quick Responsive and worth the investment?

You definitely don’t want to end up making the customers leave a bad review about your restaurant or leave the place with a bad mindset thinking “the place had a really slow service, the bill was given to me after 15 minutes, they charged me for something I didn’t order, etc.”

To save the embarrassment, take certain precautions beforehand:

  • Is the Interface user-friendly and how fast can the UI be grasped by any of my staff members?
  • Can I access the system at the ease of a mobile application in case I am not present at the restaurant?
  • What features are available to speed up my restaurant operations?
  • Can my inventory be managed automatically through this system?
  • How quickly can I finish a transaction?
  • Can I manage my database through the Restaurant POS system?

Always think of how you can achieve your Return of Investment before shelling out your hard earned money on a low cost and less effective Restaurant POS System.

4. What happens when I decide to turn my restaurant into a franchise?

Every restaurant managed perfectly will turn into a brand in a certain period of time.

By investing into proper marketing channels and taking your A-game marketing expertise to a whole new level, leads to exponential growth and attracting potential investors towards your brand.

But what happens when you decide to open a new branch or a franchise?

Do I have to invest again in a whole new setup of a POS system or can I run it from one existing system?

When investing into a new Restaurant POS System, make sure that you can easily run multiple branches from one system, and not simply let the service providers make you spend on different POS system every time you start a new branch or sell a franchise of your brand.

Remember one thing, choose a support partner that will help you in the long run, not just for a short-term and who will help you not only in your revenue growth but also your brand growth.

SMART RESTO provides a user-friendly interface, with automated inventory, restaurant branding, multiple branch management, online ordering management, third-party integration, table management, franchise management, and all-round the year top-notch technical support.

To know more about SMART RESTO, chat with us and we can set up a FREE DEMO TODAY.


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