Choosing a Restaurant POS System: Cloud VS Traditional

Choosing a Restaurant POS System: Cloud VS Traditional

You are starting the new restaurant business or you have that and you want to buy a POS system, this article is for you.

There are two types of restaurant pos systems are available in the market:

  1. Traditional POS System
  2. Cloud POS system

Start the quick guide on what is the difference between traditional restaurant pos systems and cloud restaurant pos systems.

Traditional Restaurant POS system:-

Traditional POS system is dominating from a long time in the food industry. They use the local server to stored data and build client-server architecture.

By using the traditional pos system you can create KOT’s and billing receipt against orders.

These systems have some issues like data loss risk, data securities issues, continuously manual uploading data, real-time data analytics missing.


Cloud Restaurant POS system:-

Cloud POS System is nothing but data pulled from the remote server ( Not local). The cloud restaurant pos system required active internet to data transfer to the server. Cloud POS system do much more or better than billing receipt software or KOT’s software. It can show real-time data and analytics.

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Which one is better cloud POS System or Traditional POS system:


Cloud POS system store data on the cloud server and it is safer than the local server. That’s why Cloud POS system is more secure than Traditional POS system.

Real Time Updates:

Traditional Restaurant POS system requires manually updated to the local server and it takes a lot of time. Cloud Restaurant POS System not required manually updating it’s taking care of your data automatically updated.

Remote Accessibility:

By using Cloud Restaurant POS System you can access all your data from anywhere in the world. If you are an owner of the restaurant, you don’ need to stay physically in a restaurant, You can get real-time data from a cloud server in just one click. You just need to have active internet to access the data.

Operate Offline:

Most of Cloud POS System can work offline too. If the internet is not available that time your data get stored in the cache memory of your browser/CPOs system. And when the internet is active that time all your store’s data in cache get synced. So there is no time wasting data updating process like Traditional POS System. You never lose any data when your system is offline.

Cost Effective:

Cloud restaurant POS System have low maintenance than Traditional POS System. Most companies charge maintenance on a yearly basis and installment also.

Fully Integrated:

Cloud restaurant POS have fully integrated with CRM (Customer Relational ship Management), Billing system, Payment management, and marketing management system in one single platform.

Not tied to Hardware:

Today’s world is mobile worlds and you can do you all operations of the restaurant on mobile or tables easily using the cloud POS system. You’re all operations you can manage on mobile or tablets easily.



If you think to buy a new POS software for your restaurant, you should buy a new upgraded cloud-based POS Software.

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