Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies, a Restaurant POS System, provides a very useful feature which is used for getting the data and analytics real time. The highlighted factor of the real time system is that the data gets processed immediately. Unlike other systems, in which the data will get processed with the batch. The major advantage is that the data is getting processed at the moment, rather than in future. With this, a restaurateur will obviously be benefited. A restaurateur will always be able to be see what activities a customer is performing on the website. If restaurateur feels that customer has potential to order then a restaurateur can send a real-time coupon or discount to convert that potential order into definite order. This can be a huge benefit to a restaurateur as the customer count would increase. The potential customer will be transformed into definite customer in no time.

Benefits of real-time business insights in Restaurant POS System

The advantages of this system gives 100% of the benefits. These are some of them listed below:

Accuracy and Data Longevity: In real-time business both real-time and historical data are available in the system. It is not sampled and stored permanently. The data in the system will last for a long time. It is not just restricted for real time. The data is accurate as well. There is no chance of mistake or error. The human errors are also reduced as there is no chance of error with a strong system.

Potential Order into Definite Order: Using this Restaurant POS System, a restaurateur can understand which customer is doing what on the website. If there is an activity in the ordering area. A restaurateur can send a real-time or an instant restaurant coupon or discount coupon to the customer. This will help customer make his decision definite. This will increase the customers in the restaurant. And benefit the restaurant in productive ways.

Know the Exact Area of Interest: In this Restaurant POS System, the data of interest can be easily made out by the specific areas that are visited. A restaurateur can analyze the area and work on it. For example, if a customers have visited blogs maximum number of times then a restaurateur can actually include blogs related to new menu items in the blogs. This will crave the customers to try the dish. In this way, the customers in the restaurants will increase.

Organized Data: All the information which is inputted in the Restaurant POS System is organized in a certain format like total sales, total orders, total reservations etc. This will help a restaurateur to reduce the time wasted on organizing the data and can be invested on studying the data. The studies can be conducted easily due to organizing the data correctly. These studies can be help in getting correct analysis and hence correct output.

In conclusion, a restaurateur doesn’t need to wait for months to boost his business. The number of visitors of the site can be seen on daily basis and the boost can be increased in a week’s period. This can be really helpful for both well-established as well as new restaurants. Some well-established restaurants have less reach, it can be boosted within just a week. The power is internet is truly experienced by this feature.

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