About Us – Restaurant POS System with Smart-Resto

Are you looking for the best Restaurant POS System? Are you thinking of making your restaurant a huge brand? Are you aiming for increasing your customers? We present to you India’s first ever restaurant brand positioning platform – “Smart-Resto by OnlineKatta Technologies”, to earn more customers, build a strong and profitable relationship to enhance business growth and sustainability.

What is Smart-Resto, the best Restaurant POS System?

Smart-Resto is much more than just a restaurant POS (POINT OF SALES) system. It is a platform provided by OnlineKatta Technologies for any food and beverage operation, large or small, worldwide. What makes Smart-Resto stand out from the rest is: exceptionally good services in the specific areas of business like brand building, customer relationships and a strong foundation for growth.

Smart-Resto will assist you in running all your restaurant’s transition smoothly. It will help you enhance the customer experience and magnify the guest satisfaction. Smart-Resto will be your perfect partner in restaurant setup and restaurants business.

Smart-Resto will help you build your own website, cloud point of sales and marketing strategies.

Tale of Resto

Smart-Resto was started in 2017 by group of tech-savvy engineers. The idea behind this innovation was to provide a user friendly software to restaurateur. The software and application would support the daily functionalities of the restaurant.

The main aim was to reduce the supervising of the regular activities in the restaurant and focus on the improvement of the business. This software helps in recording regular activities like managing inventory, maintaining customer relationships and financial management.

Smart-Resto’s Restaurant POS System provides a platform for digital marketing as well. In one click, restaurateur can do marketing on various platforms like SMS, emails and on Social Media. Can add about 12 social media sites on your handle and promote it all at one time.

Online ordering and home delivery system is used at highest rate now a days. Keeping this in mind, Smart-Resto also provides an option for online food ordering systems and home deliveries. Our excellent team thought to set it apart from other sites by giving restaurateur freedom of adding his own delivery charges and decide his own area of delivery.

Our team thought of giving freedom to restaurateur about adding his own offers as well. Restaurateur can have restaurant coupons on the food and beverages of his choice. Our team thought this could make the business profitable. Restaurateur can have his own special discounts.

Apart from this, the application gives an option for push messages which can be sent to ghost customers to remind them about the company and bring back their interest. You can send the push notification on one click as well.

The highlighted feature which our team included was the real time business insights. With this you can keep record of people viewing your website. You can give him some offer at the run-time to attract his interest. Our team thought this feature was something that would set us apart.

In conclusion, this is how our team thought to benefit all the hotels and restaurants by getting them a handy assistant on their phones. The assistant would be available 24*7. No matter if you are physically present or not, you will always be present in your restaurant through Smart-Resto. We believe in empowering the restaurants in achieving heights and making them the biggest brands. JOIN US TODAY!

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